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            一号平台pc-立夏的托福机经猜测 助你在5月收成佳绩

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            Hunting and the Setting of InnerEurasia

            Thelong, cold, arid winters of this region’s steppes (grass covered plains) poisedtwo distinctive problems for human settlers. The first was hot to keep warm.Humans may have used fire even a million years ago. Presumably their ability toscavenge animal carcasses meant that they could use skins or furs for warmth.However, there are no signs of hearths before about 200,000 years ago. Thissuggests that humans used fire opportunistically and had not yet domestic一号平台pc-立夏的托福机经猜测 助你在5月收成佳绩atedit enough to survive the harsh winters of Ice Age Inner Eurasia.


            1.According to paragraph 2, why would it havebeen difficult for humans to stay warm in Inner Eurasia before 200,000 yearsago?

            A.Fire had not yet been discovered.

            B.Humans did not have access to skins or furs to help keep them warm.

            C.Humans had not yet learned how to bring fire into daily use.

            D.Lack of fuel made building fires on the steppes almost impossible.



            Conversation 1:2015 - 6 - 14

            学生不知道校园打印机体系做了调整,打印不出往来不断求助。曾经在打印室是直接在电脑上按打印,打印机就会作业。现在打印机周围有一台电脑,当学生在其它电脑修改好文档打印的时分会把自己的ID和文件传输到那台打印机电脑,上面会显现一切要打印的项目,还会通知你总共几页。所以你需要到那台电脑找到你的条目操作才干打印。接着作业人员发现同学的paper是关于green house的,说他有个朋友有这个项目,然后两人就实习,沟通节能减排等问题。


            TPO 43 C1



            Task 1

            1.Many people move to new place for working or schooling. What are thedisadvantages of moving to a new place and why? Include reasons and details tosupport your idea.

            2.Which of the following three activities do you prefer to do with a 林传华group ofpeople rather than alone?

            1. Eat a meal; 2. Listen to music; 3. Dohomework

            3.Describe a time when an impolit一号平台pc-立夏的托福机经猜测 助你在5月收成佳绩e behavior in public anno一号平台pc-立夏的托福机经猜测 助你在5月收成佳绩yed you. And explain why you were annoyed.




            In order to adapt to the life inuniversity and succeed, if you are a freshman, which method do you think isbetter:

            1. attending a one-week orientation orintroduction program when you are in the university campus and before classesbegin

            2. meeting regularly in your first yearwith students in your major field who have entered the university for severalyears


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